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#14 – Covid, Conspiracies & Cures with Daniel Dimmock


Daniel Dimmock is a research associate undertaking a joint PhD research and teaching role at Nottingham Trent University. Dan’s research specialises in immunology, particularly of the lung area. In this episode we talk about current vaccines, conspiracy theories, and the future potential for mRNA vaccines.

The current situation has created a lot of mixed feelings, and expectedly so. Some people claim the virus doesn’t exist and that it’s a conspiracy. Many people appreciate it exists but feel they should be allowed to take their own risks (especially when some people are losing hard earned businesses), and on the other extreme some people have put their life on complete hold and are scared to leave their front door – completely understandable for those in the vulnerable categories – not so understandable if you’re not.

With restrictions seemingly never ending, and ICU units still struggling in many areas, the news of a vaccine is a great hope. However, conspiracies online, as well as a lack of clear understanding on the vaccine is creating more divide. So who better to have on the podcast than an immunologist specialising in the lung area.

We also go into conspiracies on a wider level, and talk about Dan’s latest article ‘Conspiratorial Epidemiology – Viewing Conspiracies through the Lens of Public Health’, as well as covering future application of mRNA vaccines in the fight against cancer.

As always, find our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any other Android platform, or listen in the browser below. This episode is also available on Youtube.

You can see more from Dan at his blog Immunopolitics

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