February 1


The Beginning

After some deliberation, I have finally invested what little money I have left (after university fees) into producing this podcast and blog. The aim of Breaking the Norm is to give first hand experiences from people who have broken the norm in their respective fields and achieved success. I am fortunate enough to know (either directly, or through family and friends) a number of highly driven and successful people which will be the starting foundation for this podcast. Our guests will range from Premiership Rugby players, to CEO’s, doctors, professional martial artists and coaches, special forces veterans and everything inbetween. Regardless of profession, there will no doubt be common themes between how the guests have reached success, and this podcast will aim to give an insight into perceptions of success and how it can be achieved regardless of the industry, sport, or profession. There will also undoubtedly be some very interesting stories along the way.

So who am I?

My name is Jack and I have a (probably annoying) obsession with business and sport. I have run many schoolyard ‘businesses’ from a young age, whether it be wheeling in suitcases full of sweets to school to sell or randomly supplying tennis racket grips during the Wimbledon craze. Since leaving school, I have gone on to study a Quantity Surveying degree (boring I know) but have managed to set up small, relatively successful, businesses that operate on the side to fund me through university.

I have always had an interest in sport, particularly rugby and martial arts. I have trained and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 10 years and have trained Muay Thai on and off for the past 6. These interests will no doubt be reflected in the guests invited to the podcast however I will do my best to keep a balance between different professions and industries.

I am a great believer in the benefits of a positive mental attitude and the law of attraction. Therefore, as well as podcasts with guests I will also aim to do a 2 minute positive news round up each week to start off your weekend.

The first podcast will be recorded soon, I hope you enjoy it!



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