Breaking the Norm #6 – Dr Kim Jobst

Dr Kim Jobst started his career studying medicine at the University of Oxford. He later undertook research at the institution with a focus on dementia which is covered, in part, in this podcast. Dr Jobst has gone on to become an award-winning physician and a consultant dedicated to integration in science, healing, and holistic healthcare. He was invited by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to discuss global health and mental wellbeing for mankind in 1991, and in 2013 was presented with a lifetime achievement award for his services to integrated medicine by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is also the Director of his own consulting practice, Functional Shift Consulting.

This podcast covers Dr Jobst beliefs on the place for conventional western medicine as well as other integrated and alternative approaches. The proposed benefits of food state vitamins vs synthetic is also discussed and we cover his publication ‘Diseases of Meaning’. Regardless of your beliefs, the views expressed are thought provoking and hopefully you will find it an interesting listen.

To learn more about what Kim offers through consulting click here, or for nutritional products click here.

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