Resetting the target

This pandemic has given a lot of us time to reflect, and if you are anything like me, you are starting to realise something I’m sure we’ve all known for a long time – we’re looking for success in the wrong places. I took a pause on Breaking the Norm, despite it being much more... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori – The biggest motivator

Memento mori is loosely translated as 'remember you must die'. As Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, the only certain things in this life are death and taxes. Not many people forget the taxes part, but most seem to forget the death part - even when it surrounds them. Death seems to me, to be becoming increasingly... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

After some deliberation, I have finally invested what little money I have left (after university fees) into producing this podcast and blog. The aim of Breaking the Norm is to give first hand experiences from people who have broken the norm in their respective fields and achieved success. I am fortunate enough to know (either... Continue Reading →

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