Breaking the Norm #3 – Garry Jones

Garry Jones is a Self Development Coach, International Speaker, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis, via Dr. Richard Bandler. In this podcast we cover how Garry works with some of his clients, what NLP is, and the importance of holding yourself accountable, as well as other areas. Some of the notable take homes... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Norm #2 – Lindsay Bruce

Our 2nd podcast is now live!!! This podcast was recorded with Lindsay Bruce in what will soon be his new gym. Lindsay is ex SAS, a former competitive bodybuilder, and a businessman. Lindsay has a great approach towards life and he shares it with us in this podcast. We cover Lindsay's background and how he... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Norm #1 – Richard Shore

Here it is, the first episode of Breaking the Norm! This episode was recorded in Abertillery, South Wales (pictured below as promised in the podcast) with Richard 'Shakey' Shore. Shakey is Head Coach of Tillery combat; a very successful martial arts gym in the Valleys. Although parts of this podcast may seem specific to martial... Continue Reading →

The First Line-up

I've realised after many painful years of education that being organised is probably a good idea. So in an aim to be just that, I have decided to adopt the approach of finding guests in batches, and recording them as closely together as possible to ensure I can release a steady flow of top guests... Continue Reading →

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