February 28


Breaking the Norm #2 – Lindsay Bruce

Our 2nd podcast is now live!!!

This podcast was recorded with Lindsay Bruce in what will soon be his new gym. Lindsay is ex SAS, a former competitive bodybuilder, and a businessman.

Lindsay has a great approach towards life and he shares it with us in this podcast. We cover Lindsay’s background and how he transitioned from the forces to business; we get an insight into his mentality and what he does to stay positive (including his rituals); his perception of success; and we also cover his plans for his business and the environment he is trying to build.

Lindsays business website can be found at http://www.eliteperformance.tv

Thanks to Lindsay for coming on and sharing some great stuff.

In the podcast we mention Tim Crockett, also ex British Special Forces, who is currently training to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in support of both British and American veterans suffering from PTSD. Tim will be coming on the podcast in the future where we will learn more about the challenge. If you would like to support please visit http://www.tamethekraken.com

The Beefy Boys also get a mention, if you’re ever near Hereford they’re definitely worth checking out http://www.thebeefyboys.com

Listen in the browser below or use this link to take you to your usual podcast app.


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