February 22


Breaking the Norm #1 – Richard Shore

Here it is, the first episode of Breaking the Norm!

This episode was recorded in Abertillery, South Wales (pictured below as promised in the podcast) with Richard ‘Shakey’ Shore. Shakey is Head Coach of Tillery combat; a very successful martial arts gym in the Valleys.

Although parts of this podcast may seem specific to martial arts, especially in the first half due to the nature of talking about Shakey’s background, the principles talked about can be applied to all areas of life. If you’re not into martial arts, stick with it as there are some great parts in there.

The podcast covers building mental resilience, leaving your comfort zone, and how success is perceived. We also talk about social inequality, not just in the Welsh Valleys, but throughout the UK.

I really enjoyed recording this and hope you can take something away from this Podcast; if you do please share it with your family and friends.

Our next podcast is with Lindsay Bruce, Ex SAS turned competitive bodybuilder and gym owner.  Lindsay offers great insight into the mentality needed to be successful, not just in the armed forced but also as an entrepreneur. Keep an eye out for when it is posted.

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Listen in the browser below or use this link to take you to your usual podcast app.


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